Welcome to SWF Sphinx Extension’s documentation!

.. swf::

This directive is for improved SWF handling. If you pass a relative path, it is assumed it is a local file, if you pass a complete URL, it is assumed it is an internet resource:

.. swf:: path/to/some.swf

You may pass any parameter, which is found at Flash Help Page.

Apart from this you can pass class, width, height or zoom-to-fit.

There are sometimes flashvideos, where you do not know the exact size. For this issue there is zoom-to-fit parameter, which will zoom out/in the video to fit into your rectangle specified by width and height:

.. swf:: path/to/some.swf
   :width: 400
   :height: 300
   :zoom-to-fit: true

Default is “yes”, may also be “no”


Default is “yes”, may also be “no”


Default is “400”


Default is “300”


0.3 make docutils swf node inline, such that substitutions work
0.2 add class “sphinxcontrib-swf” to container element